Turn off Diprotes Facebook Group 'Island Men's KKK'  

Rabu, 13 Mei 2009

Facebook profiles have turned off the account "Isle of Man" or in Indonesian "island of Male." Isle of Man flag with the symbol of three legs to one also has a meaning almost the same group with the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) in Facebook. However, the founder of Isle of Man is still a sensitive person and free from the outside. For that, the Isle of Man and then changed to Isle of Man KKK.

According to CNET, known as much as 96 percent of the population 76.000 member who sign up for the group, and has thought deeply concerning that this gender difference. One member of that group is in the Irish Sea island, Ireland is giving the message in the group, such as "Damn Blacks and indians (sic), coming over here taking our jobs - who the **** do they think they are?" . Even according to the local daily newspaper, The Isle of Man Today, 33 member of the KKK are still students at Ballakarmeen High School (BHS).

However, the head teacher Ballakarmeen High School, Paul Kane, do not believe if the students participate in the group is racism. Moreover, they also warned the Facebook group access to close Isle of Man is KKK. Then, after one of the BHS students to leave messages in the group that is "racist and immature", and then one of his students from King Williams College menimpali with the words, "I'm not paticularly (sic) immature, but I am slightly racist."

"We are against racism in the actions of this school, and society does not need to halt this school policy." Kane demolished.

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