New York City in Photo-Realistic 3D Now in Google Earth  

Senin, 22 Desember 2008

Google has updated the 3D buildings in Google Earth for New York City! This is a HUGE update with at least hundreds (if not thousands) of new 3D buildings with photo textures applied. Basically, Google has completed nearly every building in Manhattan Island for Google Earth. Just fly to "New York City" and turn on the 3D Buildings layer in Google Earth. Tilt your view so you can see the buildings in all their glory. This is the largest city i've seen done with photo-realistic textures to date.

As a comparison, here is what New York's 3D photo-realistic buildings looked like in January 2007:
And here is what it looks like today (click on the image for a high resolution version made with Google Earth Pro)

By the way, many people had already contributed dozens of photo-realistic 3D buildings to NYC since January 2007. And Google has faithfully kept those models in the layer while adding in the new buildings to fill in the gap.

I plan to create a video fly through soon. In the meantime, check it out for yourself in Google Earth now. By the way, there's a cool way of flying around buildings in Google Earth 4.3+ - You can swoop between buildings like Spiderman.

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In Iraq, Bush Throwing Shoe  

Selasa, 16 Desember 2008

Muntazer al-Furthermore, the television journalist from the al-Baghdad which is based in Cairo, Egypt may have already behavior exceedingly irritated with President George W. Bush in Iraq, so he was desperate throw two Sounds toward Bush, the U.S. president is speaking in a press conference with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in Baghdad, Iraq. Not just throw shoes, al-Furthermore also call Bush "a dog".

"This parting kiss, you dog," al-fly Furthermore while the second throw Sounds toward Bush. Unfortunately, Bush successfully avoid the pitch shoes Furthermore, so do not hurt anything.

Viewing the scene opener, the Iraqi security forces and U.S. secret agents directly meringkus Furthermore menyeretnya and outside the conference room.

For the Arab community, is a symbol of a shoe sole with the most contemptible insult. When the statue of Saddam Hussein in 2003 successfully dirobohkan ago, many people who witnessed events that destroy the statue sadam using their shoes. But Bush pleaded not feel insulted by casting Furthermore shoes.

"I do not feel disturbed. I do not know what the problem is ... I do not feel the least threatened by this incident," Bush replied when asked concerning the incident.

Meanwhile, colleagues said Furthermore, Furthermore is affected by emotion when he served lap and destruction witnessed in the city Sa'dr result of bombardment by U.S. troops early yesterday. But not yet known whether Furthermore throw Bush with shoes because it is emotionally affected by the events.

In his statement, Bush stated grateful because they have the opportunity to visit Iraq before the period of office as U.S. president ended. He admitted, six years of war in Iraq is a future which is difficult for the U.S.

Since Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the U.S. military lost about 4,209 soldiers and Bush spend the country of 576 billion dollars to pay for perangnya. To the U.S. invasion of Iraq for nearly six years to bring only misery for the people of Iraq and the disintegration of the State in 1001 that night.

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Chip Mobile prophylactic radiation Introduced  

Minggu, 14 Desember 2008

Health products distributor Omega Pharma will launch the chip that can be claimed that the radiation came from the mobile phone chip E-Waves. Omega said that the test showed that the chip can be muted wave electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and reduce the symptoms of headache and loss of concentration, which usually diasosasikan with the use of mobile phones. E-Waves also menetralisir warming effects in the body caused by Electromagnetic signals.

Omega will sell the chip at 38.95 Euros ($ 50.1) began Wednesday to test market reaction. The company provides only 30,000 chips, but they believe can easily increase production to be sold abroad. "If we need 10 million units, then we will be fulfilling," said Chief Executive Marc Coucke to Reuters during the launch.

Coucke and scientists who developed the chip argues that there is evidence that shows that the stronger relationship between the use of mobile phones with the development of tumors.

"Just like smoking. In the end we will be up to the time at which the impact of mobile phones will be recognized on the health of many people," said Coucke. Currently, scientists around the world split into two bunker. Believe that there will be disturbances caused by the health of mobile phone and said that there is no strong evidence that the use of the phone is not safe.

Omega, which has exclusive distribution rights E-Waves will begin marketing the product to other countries beginning later in 2009. They will also launch three similar devices designed for use in vehicles, connected to the computer and used in the home.

Omega compete with the giant pharmaceutical such as Johnson & Johnson and Bayer, as well as with other consumer products such as Procter & Gamble.

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Virus Koobface Attack Facebook  

It is estimated around 120 million Facebook users attacked by a virus called "Koobface" using the features of a social networking site for menginfeksi PC. Once spread, the virus will also try to search for sensitive information such as credit card numbers. Koobface is the latest hacker attacks that target users of social networking sites.

"Some type of virus had been using Facebook to reproduce themselves," said spokesman Barry Facebook Shnitt in an e-mail that said that "a small number of users" have to have this virus. "Seizures such as this are rampant, with a relative other attacks such as email," said Craig Schmugar, researchers from McAfee

Koobface attack by sending messages to friends from PC users who already have it. Messages sent titled as "You look just awesome in this new movie" that will take users to sites that require users download the update as claimed Flash player from Adobe Systems, like a virus as the YouTube video.

Please note that Koobface is not a new type of worm. Koobface first appeared in August, although variants of the first special target Facebook users first seen months last Wednesday.

When users download the application, they will contract a virus that will take users to sites that tekontaminasi when they try to use search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and, according to McAfee.

In the McAfee blog written Wednesday yesterday, researchers from McAfee warns that Koobface attacks are launched on Facebook.

Messages received in the Facebook can only be sent only by members of Facebook, said Chris Boyd, researchers from FaceTime Security Labs. Therefore, users are usually not too suspicious of the messages they receive. "Users are usually unguarded. They think that to send a message you would have to enter your account so do not be possible worms or viruses," continued Boyd.

MySpace social networking site owned by News Corp. have been attacked by a variant Koobface August yesterday, but after solved by technology, their security, the virus has not attacked again since then, said the spokesperson for MySpace.

Facebook has been said to the users to delete emails contaminated and require users to visit on the way to have a clean computer.

McAfee has not identified the perpetrators behind the Koobface continuously develop the capability to penetrate virus security systems Facebook and MySpace.

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Microsoft Launches Program hook Multiplus PC 3000  

Jumat, 12 Desember 2008

JAKARTA. Microsoft Indonesia through Microsoft's Unlimited Potential launches online education program called Microsoft E Learning Courses (MELC). Because the computer penetration in new around 7.5 million, or 3% of the total population reaches 245 million people, the aim of Microsoft Internet caffe aka Internet caf├ęs (cafe) as a market. Moreover, 43% interaction with the Internet community in Indonesia is carried out in the cafe. Now, as a pilot program, Microsoft's embrace Multiplus cafe franchises. The Multiplus large scale and are considered especially significant prospective franchises have outlets in 110 locations in 26 cities in Indonesia.

"Consumers can come to Multiplus to learn computer and internet facilities because there is better without them should have their own computer," said President Director of PT Microsoft Indonesia Toni Chen Pluncuran in the Special Program for Supporting Education and the Internet in Indonesia, on Thursday (11 / 12), in Jakarta.

President and CEO of Multiplus Hariono Ginoto add, during this Indonesian students only possess the Microsoft Office so pass the secondary school (high school). "This study shows that the computer is so long and hard. Now there is an easier way with programs from Microsoft, which currently exist only in our place," he said. Program launched in the future apply to about 1,600 and 1,400 PC Multiplus PC Games Wiz is also dimotori Hariono. "Less totals more than 3,000 PC's," said Hariono.
If the pilot program with Multiplus is successful, said Toni, then Microsoft will not delay the time to menggaet 12,000 cafe in Indonesia.

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