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Rabu, 13 Mei 2009

Bad news comes from Microsoft, on Tuesday (12 / 5), that the hacker has to do to attack Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software for Windows PC users bersistem. However, Microsoft has released pacth to protect users against the threat of hackers. Meanwhile, the software company is No.1 in the world have also been created for PowerPoint Apple Mac computer, that also has a weakness. However, Microsoft has not found evidence of hackers ready to attack the PowerPoint software, so that his side have not been released pacth for Mac is the computer.

Microsoft defines a hacker as a threat to the 'critical', where the scale is a scale to show its weaknesses software. Be as Symantec, a security software company of the world, hackers are trying to exploit weaknesses in PowerPoint by encouraging victims to open a PowerPoint file false, whether that is downloaded from a website or email.

"In this point, then hackers will have complete control of user accounts, and the hacker can do anything to the system, even without permission from the legitimate user. For that, we have so far conducted a number of hackers trying to exploit weaknesses in Microsoft PowerPoint. "Said Alfred Huger, senior researcher at Symantec. (H_n)

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